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Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Ph.D., Associate Professor Dovzhik Mikhail Yakovlevich

The faculty prepares students of the correspondence form of education on educational degrees “Bachelor” and “Master” in the following specialties:

– 141 “Electricity, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics”;

-208 “Agroengineering”.

For the purpose of social protection of the local population, in accordance with the “Regulation on vocational guidance – information departments of correspondence education”, such offices were organized in the colleges of SNAU (Okhtyrka, Romen, Putivl, Glukhiv), in the Chernihiv region at the Borstniansky technical farm. In addition, there is a vocational guidance and information department at the Shostka Professional Lyceum of Services and DPTNZ Romny Higher Vocational School. They hold consultations and conduct vocational work with part-time students, and provide methodological and informational support for part-time students assigned to these departments.

The Faculty is ready to cooperate with educational institutions of the I-II level of accreditation through a network of vocational guidance and information departments by introducing a distance learning form.

We would like to exchange information on the intensification of the educational process in the preparation of students in-house.



for the correspondence form of study for 2019 – 2020

Admission to the Sumy National Agrarian University is carried out in accordance with the obtained state license for accredited specialties:

141 “Electricity, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics”;

-208 “Agroengineering”.

Financing of specialists training in Sumy NAU is carried out at the expense of legal and natural persons.

Applicants submit in person to the Sumy NAU admissions committee: a state specimen document on the complete secondary education (document on the acquired educational qualification level), the original or its copy, certified in the established order; four-color photo cards in the size of 3×4 cm; four envelopes; copy of passport; a copy of the identification code; a copy of the marriage certificate (if applicable); Certificate of the Ukrainian Center for Quality Assessment.

* The passport (birth certificate), the documents giving entitlement to privileges, the applicant submits personally within the time limits specified for submission of documents.

Exempt from UCEAO certification: Persons holding UBD certificates have been dismissed from military service in 2017; persons who have a diploma of “Junior Specialist” and continue their studies in the respective field of training.

Admission of documents to Sumy NAU is carried out for:

BAKALAVR COURSE – from November 14 to November 26, 2020

MASTER COURSE – from November 14 to November 26, 2020.

Contacts: SNAU Admissions Committee Address: 40021, Sumy, ul. Gerasim Kondratiev, 160.

Dean’s Office: Engineering and Technology Corps, Aud. 325m

Phone: (0542) 22-24-48, 21-34-79

Dean’s Office:










Deputy Dean of Engineering and Technology

the Faculty of Distance Education,

Associate Professor Vladyslav Gerasimenko

tel. 0509264386

Methodical provision of specialties

Kalenichenko Oksana Ivanivna,

tel. 0661852366