Modern technology. Modern trends. Modern tasks. Claas_Аcademy in action!!!
Modern technology. Modern trends. Modern tasks. Claas_Аcademy in action!!!
Why can a teacher teach at a university today? In SNAU only new and relevant. We work for the result, we study professionals with ATS !!!
At the Faculty of Engineering and Technology of Sumy NAU students receive knowledge not only of the construction but also of the technical service of modern technology. The issue of ensuring the efficiency and flow of the technological process in agriculture is a crucial task!!! This is due to close cooperation with business. Today we are studying those problems that are extremely important for production.
Our students have the opportunity not only to practice, studying the technique Claas, Lemken, Amazone, Geringhoff and other. Students and teachers directly participate in the work process during on-the-job training (АГРОТЕХСОЮЗ). And this is an effective algorithm of modernity.
Thank you for the cooperation of Claas Ukraine and ATS !!!