In a happy way, masters!

In a happy way, masters!

On December 26, the graduation ceremony of the Master’s students to the graduates of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology took place!

The hall of the SNAU Youth and Entertainment Center was crowded and light with genuine smiles. Representatives of the Rectorate, distinguished guests, teachers, parents, relatives and friends came to share the joy of the holiday.

The first greetings, wishes and instructions were expressed by the Rector of SNAU, Academician Vladimir Ladika. He wished the graduates new achievements and victories so that they could bear the title of SNAU graduate. The honors diplomas and thanks from the rector’s hands were given to the best masters of the faculty – Budakova Anna and Zakrevskaya Anna.

In total, the diploma of the established sample was awarded to 84 masters graduates in the specialty 208 “Agroengineering” and 26 graduates-masters in the specialty 141 “Electricity, electrical engineering and electromechanics”. One of the graduates of this year was one citizen of China – Zheng Jiangxiang.

With the greetings and blessing to the youth, parents, guests, professors and professors, the abbot of St. Valentine’s Church, Archpriest Mykola Polishchuk addressed, who wished the graduates to be human in all circumstances and, of course, peace.

Warm words came from the mouth of the dean of the faculty, Michael Dovzhik. He noted in his opening remarks that all recent students present in the auditorium who had just received a documentary certificate of graduation, ahead of independent adulthood, had a hard job. “When you are creative, try not to lose your student friends, because after many years you will realize that this period of life was the best and the most intense. As you leave your alma mater, do not forget those who have taught you, invested your soul and have always been around. In a good way, alumni! ”

Congratulations, wishes, directions, tips, flowers, songs, dance numbers, smiles and a long, long photo session are the highlights of this holiday. However, today the graduate must be aware of the successes, experiences and knowledge gained during his studies, and with faith in his own strength, creative and intellectual ability to pave the way to an infinite and unique life space. A Master’s degree is a finish and a start. So good luck with your career!

In a good way, alumni!