Specialty: 275 “Transportation Technologies”

At the present time, it has become profitable for businesses to have a high-tech transport logistics system that is subject to real-world management and control. A system that will allow the delivery of goods with costs that are not subject to cost and quality optimization and are able to hold the share of transport costs within a certain forecast range. Logistics is a specialist in economy, who knows how to save money on transportation, how to get cheaper customs, how to deliver the goods to the buyer as quickly as possible. It will not allow products to fall dust in the warehouse, wagons get stuck on the road. Only logisticians can arrange such a way of goods from producer to consumer, which would give the least cost.

Graduates of the specialty “Transport Technologies” work in prestigious positions at state and private enterprises, as:

dispatcher for international transportation
Inspector of operational, production, technical and organizational issues
traffic safety auditor
fuel inspector technician
road transport auditor