The pioneer of this heading was Boguslav Valery. The girl is studying in the second year in the specialty “Agroengineering”. Why is she? If you were a Miss SNAU-2018 contest, it won’t be easy to guess. Valeria proudly introduced herself not only as a person, but also our faculty.

Valeria is a root sulcus, born on August 23, 1998. From a young age, she adored animals, so she dreamed of being a shelter director. And in fact, there was study in the general school # 22. Favorite subjects were science, such as physics and biology.

Valeria is inquisitive and purposeful, which is the reason why she studied at a specialty for a girl, a specialty. “I see how hard people work in the agricultural field! And these efforts are often unjustified! I want to create new devices and technologies, and further introduce them into the production process, thereby improving the lives of hard-working people, ”Valeria told us.

The girl has many facets of her personality: a professional dancer, an active student, and this year, also “Miss the Uncommon” according to the Sumy NAU!

So, we wish Valeria new achievements and achievements, both in professional and in personal activity.