Online seminars by CZU experts in 2021!




Online seminars by CZU experts in 2021!

We are happy to announce next series of online seminars on various scientific topics given by 10 experts from Czech University of Life Sciences Prague. We invite you to join us starting on 21st October.

Completion of the seminars will be rewarded by the Certificates. The seminars will be held in Microsoft Teams. If want to attend the lectures, please register in , where you will also find the schedule.

AgriSciences Platform for Scientific Enhancement of HEIs in Ukraine Online seminars by CZU experts in 2021

Date Time


Expert Topic
21.10. (Thursday) 8-13 Eduardo Dussan Duque COCO Simulator
26.10. (Tuesday) 10-15 Theodore Chama Ketuama Environmental Impact Assessment


10-12 Hynek Roubik Scientific language
28.10. (Thursday) 10-15 Marek Jelinek Global Warming Potential
27.10. (Friday) 14-17 Hynek Roubik Experiences from writing Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe projects
1.11. (Monday) 10-15 Hynek Roubik Scientific Writing I.
2.11. (Tuesday) 10-15 Charles Ogbu Life Cycle Assessment
2.11. (Tuesday) 10-15 Hynek Roubik Scientific Writing II.
3.11. (Wednesday) 10-15 Hynek Roubik Scientific Writing III.
4.11. (Thursday) 10-15 Tereza Pilafovâ Statistical methods I.
5.11. (Friday) 12-16 Tereza Pilafovâ Statistical methods II.
5.11. (Friday) 8-12 Ricardo Situmeang System Dynamics
8.11. (Monday) 10-15 Yamen Homaidan Shmeit Plant sciences
9.11 (Tuesday), 12-15 Jana Mazaneovâ Socio-economic Research I.
9.11 (Tuesday) 10-15 Lydia Ningsih Energy audits
11.11 (Thursday) 8:30-14 Jana Mazaneovâ Socio-economic Research II.
15.11. (Monday) 10-12 Stacy Hammond Popularization of scientific outputs and scientific blog writing
16.11 (Tuesday) 12-15 Jana Mazancovâ Socio-economic Research III.