VIACHESLAV TARELNYK,  Head of the Department

Head of the Technical Services Department

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor



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Born May 1, 1952, Haykadzor, Ani district, Armenia

In 1986 he graduated from the Voroshilovgrad Engineering Institute, majoring in Technology of Mechanical Engineering, Metal-Cutting Machines.

1985 - 2002 worked in Sumy VNIIKOMPRESORMASH, where he was engaged in research and development work on the development of technologies for restoration and hardening of machine parts.

In 1990 In Hungary, he completed a course in the school of managers organized by Eurostud at the scientific society of European integration.

Candidate of Technical Sciences since 1994. The scientific title of Senior Researcher was awarded in 1998.

Since 2000 he has been working at Sumy National Agrarian University as an assistant professor (part-time), since 2002 he has been a full-time professor of the department, and since 2003, as the head of the department.

2001 - defended his dissertation for the degree of  Doctor of Technical Sciences in the specialty 05.02.08 - technology of engineering on the topic: "Technological fundamentals of quality control of surface layers in the manufacture and repair of parts."

2005 awarded the scientific title of professor of the department of mechanization of production processes.

From 2006 to the present - Head of the Technical Service Department.

Founder of the scientific school of surface engineering, the subject of scientific research of which is aimed at solving applied issues of the complex application of the theory of materials science, technology of structural materials and tribotechnology, in order to obtain the necessary properties of the working surfaces of critical machine parts due to hardening effects of various physical nature and the application of functional coatings.

The main academic disciplines: “Technology of engineering in the branch”, “Tribotechnics”, “Tribotechnology”.

Field of research: Ensuring the operational properties of the working surfaces of machine parts with environmentally friendly and energy-efficient technologies.

Grant, state budget and contract subjects:

DBT: 0116U002756 "Development of energy-saving technologies to ensure the operational properties of work surfaces of parts", (2016-2017 Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine);

Contractual Subjects:

Head of more than 20 contractual topics that have recently been completed by a scientific school totaling over 300 thousand UAH.

The last of which:

1-9-1 “Development of technology as the quality of mechanical impulse seals elements by combined technologies of electroerosive alloying” (2017 - 2018, TRIZ LTD)

31-8-3 “Development of technology for the formation of running-in coatings for bronze plain bearings” (2018 - 2019, TRIZ LTD).

Other information: full member of the Ukrainian Technological Academy, editor-in-chief of the international journal Compressor and Power Engineering.

On June 16, 2021, by order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine V.B. Tarelnik awarded the Prize of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for the development and implementation of innovative technologies for the work "Development and implementation of responsible nodes of rotary machines that ensure the environmental safety of harmful industries".


Under the scientific guidance and counseling of Tarelnyk V.B. completed and defended 2 dissertations for obtaining the scientific degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences, 4 - Candidate of Technical Sciences, 1 - Doctor of Philosophy.


The results of scientific research have been published in more than 500 works, more than 100 patents and copyright certificates have been obtained.