SERGEY BONDAREV,  phD, Associate Professor

Associate Professor, Department of Technical Services

Candidate of Technical Sciences (PhD), Associate Professor



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Born in 1962. in the city of Sumy. 1980 entered the Sumy branch of KhPI at the Faculty of Engineering, specialty "Engineering Technology, Metal-Cutting Machines and Tools". While studying at the institute, he worked part-time on contractual topics as a machine operator. In 1985 he graduated from the named institute with the qualification of “Mechanical Engineer”.

In the direction of the Institute, he worked in the city of Volgodonsk (Rostov Region, Russia) at the Atommash plant. He worked in the workshop for the production of atomic reactor steam generators as a foreman of assembly fitters and welding equipment repair teams, as well as as a shift supervisor.

Since 1988, he worked in the Sumy branch of KhPI on contractual topics as a senior engineer, and since 1989, as a junior research assistant. In 1992 he was enrolled in graduate school at SSU, specialty 02.05.08. – technology of engineering, the topic of the dissertation "Development of methods to increase the reliability of assembly of splined joints." Until 1998, he worked at Sumy State University. Since 2000 - Assistant at the Department of Operation and Repair of Machines, Sumy NAU. Since 2005 - Senior Lecturer, Department of Technical Services.

In 2005 he defended his dissertation on the topic “Improving the reliability of assembly of splined joints by choosing a rational system for positioning elements”, specialty 05.02.08 technology of engineering, at the National Technical University, Kharkov Polytechnic Institute, Kharkov. Awarded the degree of “Candidate of Technical Sciences”

Since 2006, associate professor of the ITF Technical Service Department. In 2011, the scientific title “Associate Professor” was awarded. Inventor, has more than 20 copyright certificates and patents.

The main academic disciplines: “Technical service in the agro-industrial complex”, “Technology for technical maintenance of machines”, “Organization of work of technical maintenance enterprises”, “Design of technical processes of technical service”, “Interchangeability standardization and technical measurements”, “Fundamentals of standardization”, “Qualimetry and optimization of quality indicators” , “International standardization and certification of management systems”, “Standardization and technical regulation”, “Technical regulation in the transport industry ”, “Technical sky service vehicles. "

Field of research: Development of integrated all-wheel drive transmissions of automotive vehicles. Development of resource-saving technologies in transport.

Further training (internship):

Doctoral student of full-time doctoral studies at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev.

Topic: “Fundamentals of designing all-wheel drive transmissions of automotive vehicles”, from September 14, 2018, Ukraine