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CV - Tastenko 

Born December 03, 1971 in the village of Moscowskoe, Lipovo-Dolinsky district of Sumy region of a worker.

From September 1979 to June 1989 he studied at the Moscowskoe High School Lypovo-Dolinsky district.

In August 1989 on the results of the competitive entrance exams was enrolled in full-time education in the Sumy branch of Kharkiv Agricultural Institute at Faculty of Mechanization agriculture.

From September 1989 to July 1994 he studied at Sumy agricultural institute on specialty 31.13 "Mechanization of agriculture".

After graduating from the Institute in July 1994 he worked as an educational master of chair "Exploitation tractor fleet" Sumy Agricultural Institute.

From September 1995 to July 1996 he studied on a full-time master at Sumy State Agrarian University, specialty 8.091901 "Mechanization of agriculture".

Upon completion of training at the Master worked educational master of chair "Exploitation tractor fleet" and then in September 1999, following the reorganization of the department, education department master "Exploitation and repair of machines" Sumy State Agrarian University.

Since September 2001 he was transferred from his post educational master as assistant chair " Exploitation and repair of machines" at Sumy National Agrarian University.

Since July 2005, in connection with the reorganization of the Department "Exploitation and repair of machines" was transferred as assistant chair "Exploitation of machines".

Since September 2008 and has been working as a senior lecturer in " Exploitation of machines" Sumy National Agrarian University.

From November 2008 to November 2012 was trained on the job (in absentia) in graduate Sumy National Agrarian University, specialty 05.05.11 "Machines and mechanization of agricultural production".

In 2009 - 2013 he conducted research under the Agreement to conduct research on "Research processes tillage under sugar beet and justification means to implement them on the criterion of energy costs for the conditions Left-bank forest-steppe Ukraine (№ state registry: 0112V001637 Ukr. INTEI).

Main subjects: Mechanized technologies in plant growing; design processes in plant growing, machine use in plant growing; еxploitation of machinery and equipment.

Areas of research: Research on rational use of agricultural means and facilities in production processes of agricultural products in Left-bank forest-steppe Ukraine; planning and effective operation of machines for the conditions of farms Sumy.

State budget and economic contracts: Performing research on the subject under contractual thematic plan of the department. Subject department for research: "Information management technology and justification of means for mechanical processes in agricultural production." (№ state register: 0115U001338 Ukr. INTEI).

Training (internships): NUBiP the Institute of Postgraduate Education training "Innovative educational activities focus". Final work "Implementation of interactive learning technologies in the study course "Mechanized technologies in plant growing". Certificate of training 00493706СС/004872-17 on November 17, 2017. Registration number 4872.

Ready for cooperation areas:

  1. Mechanization of technological processes and operations in plant growing;
  2. The use of technical means in agricultural production;

Planning and organization efficient operation of machine parks of enterprises.